Monday, December 24, 2001

Vyacheslav Mironov. Assault on Grozny Downtown - something to think about, sat at your desk surfing the web in your little office, wishing your job was more exciting...

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Why do computer users always confuse Christmas and Halloween?

Because DEC 25 = OCT 31.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Spam spam eggs and spam.
" I read something once about advertisers and marketers trying to build lists of people according to their known interests so advertising can be more cost-effective.

Based on the e-mails I get, it would seem the advertising community has me pegged as a debt-ridden pervert with a small unit, sexual dysfunction, no education, and a penchant for get rich quick schemes.

I wonder how they know that. I must be an open book. " - Proaxiom

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The iMac Rack-Mount Project: A Reality! Now where did I put that spare iMac?

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

went to a party on saturday. Embarassing things I did. Yoda I am not:: I did some stupid mc-ing, some silly rhyme about David Hasslehoff springs to mind. Hmmm... must remember not to do this in future.... oh yeah I remember asking a girl to ring me if she had any trouble attaining orgasm. clever. sophisticated. Still at least I didn't get all homophobic like my mate XXXXX when those gay blokes turned up. chuckle. he kicked them out quite rudely if I remember correctly. Oh yeah I remember taking photos of a bird's arse with my new digital camera. Hope they turn out when I get it back from the back of XXXX's car. I bought it at tescos that night and had lost it before midnight. It turned up the day after.



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